MATERIA sake is made in Nagano Prefecture in a traditional Japanese brewery that opened in the 19th century. The secret of making this unique sake has been preciously transmitted over time: the brewery is currently run by the 10th generation of the founding family.

This long history and the refined skills of our Toji (Master Brewer) are the roots of MATERIA's distinctive taste.




MATERIA sake is made from traditional Hitogokochi rice polished to 55%, ultra soft water from Japanese snow-capped mountains and koji (a natural fungus that allows rice to ferment).

Ultra soft water is natural spring water that has been purified by layers of volcanic stones for millions of years.

Finally, nature and time impart life to these high quality ingredients and under the supervision of our Toji, MATERIA sake can be born.




The higher class sakes can be organized into two categories depending on the presence or absence of distilled alcohol added by the Master Brewer. In the case of a Junmai, sake is made only from water, rice, and koji. In the case of Honjozo, Ginjo or Daigjinjo, distilled alcohol is added to preserve certain aromas. 

A second important factor, the rice polishing ratio, allows sake to be classified into several families. The more the rice grains are polished, the less material remains, resulting in a pure starch core. This purity then allows the sake to develop fruity aromas. Note that the lower the polishing rate, the better the quality of the sake.

A polishing ratio  70% and > 60% (30% to 40% of the rice grain polished) can be classified as Junmai or Honjozo (depending of the presence of added alcohol). 

A polishing ratio  60% and > 50% allows to classify the sake as Ginjo or Junmai Ginjo. Finally, a ratio  50% allows to make Daiginjo or Junmai Daiginjo. The Junmai Daiginjo is the most prestigious sake classification. 

MATERIA, with its 100% natural ingredients (water, rice, koji) and its polishing rate of 55% is therefore a Junmai Ginjo. 

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