Fruity aroma with hints of apple, banana and citrus. Distinctly light and balanced on the palate. Ultra soft water from high altitudes brings out the flavor of sake.

Master Brewer's Notes: MATERIA’s slow fermentation gives the sake its fruity notes, which is why it’s better to drink it cold (5-15ºC). This type of fruity sake loses all its aromas if heated.

Sommelier's Notes:

  • Nose: anise & fennel
  • Aromatic between vegetal, floral and white fruits
  • Mineral
  • Complicity between the rice and rock water
  • Great gastronomic sake
  • Favor consumption in a wine glass
  • No sulfites.



Serve chilled. Pairs perfectly with fish, seafood, meat, vegetables and cheese. Avoid pairing with acidic dishes.

Pairing Examples: sea bream ceviche, asparagus, heirloom tomatoes with mozzarella cream and watermelon gazpacho as flavour enhancer.

Accords Mets

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